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Empowering asset management brands through real-time competitor benchmarking


About us

MS3insight is a benchmarking, ranking and insights service for asset managers, providing access to competitor analytics and market intelligence.

By creating a value exchange, asset managers share real time data to allow marketing, digital and content specialists to analyse and compare the performance of their digital activities against their peers.

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What we do

MS3i collect, store and process data from multiple sources, made available through our platform within 24 hours. Aware that clients have different data needs, we provide flexible user options to cater for any team or individual.

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Allowing asset managers to analyse by:

what we do
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Why MS3insight

In an ever more frenetic digital world the challenge for many asset managers is to try and understand what ‘good looks like’.

They’re asking:

  • 1.
    Who’s doing digital marketing well?
  • 2.
    How are we performing against our peers? Where can we improve?
  • 3.
    How can I measure social media? How can I be more successful?
  • 4.
    How can I justify my media expenditure?
  • 5.
    Is my website/​content/​email campaigning effective?
  • 6.
    How do I identify change amongst our audience?

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